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Ocean Breeze Industrial Dehumidifier Rental

Rent a Temporary Ocean Breeze Portable Industrial Dehumidifier 

Ready to work on a moments notice for your jobsite

Neat Heat is Your Direct Source for Ocean Breeze Industrial Dehumidifiers Rentals

Perfect for Industrial Emergency's
Portable industrial dehumidifierHumidifier rental equipment Industrial Dehumidifier

Ocean Breeze Industrial Dehumidifier Rental


  • High efficiency 110V units
  • 36 gallons removal per day
  • Can be rolled into almost any area
  • Perfect for quick, dependable dehumidification with very little setup. commercial dehumidifiers


NHD15 15 Gal/Day 115/60/8 45x25x22  
NHD150 27 Gal/Day 115/60/8 45x25x22  
NHD9200 28 Gal/Day 115/60/8 45x25x22 165

Ocean Breeze Industrial Dehumidifiers Rentals are sometimes necessary

Ocean Breeze Dehumidifier Rental units

To run a company effectively and efficiently, you need to provide cool and fresh environment to your employees. If there is a problem where excessive water becomes an issue these units are available to rent. If you have a large space, then small devices can be proved ineffective and inefficient for you to help fix the problem. Ocean BreezeIndustrial dehumidifier have been designed with proper cleaning, low noise levels and energy efficiency. With the advent of latest technologies and modern devices, scientists have become able to bring up-to-the-minute and novel industrial cooling dehumidification systems that can serve the need of a number of people from all over the world. The Ocean Breeze temporary dehumidifier rental we offer require very little setup.